Storehouse West Virginia

It’s hard to believe that Storehouse West Virginia will celebrate its tenth anniversary in May 2015.  This year we have continued to distribute both general product (cleaning supplies, office supplies, personal care items, and other items) and building materials.  We’ve also had several new developments at the Storehouse in 2014, including beginning a relationship with Good360 and increasing our warehouse space to accommodate the influx of items that have been arriving.

Our purpose at the Storehouse is to reduce suffering by meeting some of the practical needs of the less fortunate in West Virginia.  The IRS says that “donated property must be used solely for the care of the Ill, the needy, or infants [children].”  Our goal is to work with churches and other nonprofit organizations that are working to reach out to individuals in these categories.  One such group is Kanawha Valley Senior Services (KVSS) whose “service programs range from serving people in need of in-home health related services to serving well elderly with programs of socialization and prevention.”  To help fulfill their mission they came to the Storehouse and picked up pens, pencils, notebooks, tab dividers, and folders which they used for caregiver training classes.  KVSS leadership reports that these donations “made the class smooth and inexpensive!”  They also received a patio table and chair set that gives seniors a chance to enjoy the outdoors at their main office.  The KVSS staff have been very innovative with some of their donations – taking a roll of laminate (designed to put color on unfinished cabinets) and using it as table covering for a senior luncheon, which allowed them to avoid purchasing table cloths.

In September, United Way of Central West Virginia organized a Day of Caring.  They had over 600 volunteers working at numerous locations throughout the counties they serve.  The Storehouse was blessed to have volunteers from Columbia Pipeline come and spend the day with us.  They did a great job putting together new shelving units and helping us move product to our new warehouse space on the fourth floor of the building attached to our current space.  In addition to the help we received, we had the chance to help a number of other organizations who would also have volunteers descend upon their locations.  We were able to bring in a pallet of paint brushes just before the Day of Caring and invited all the sites who had painting projects on the schedule to come and pick up brushes at no cost.  Additionally, some of the organizations were able to save on the cost of materials by picking up paint and kitchen cabinets at the Storehouse for a small donation.

The items in the Storehouse are constantly changing, and much like a warehouse box store, we never know what we are going to have or how long it will remain.  We encourage our recipient organizations to check our website frequently, or simply come by for a visit.  The Storehouse is located on Charleston’s East End and is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If you would like to learn more, or take a look around the Storehouse, please feel free to contact our Executive Director, John deBlecourt at

Please also take a moment to read the article about our exciting new relationship with Good360, who according to Forbes’ magazine is the 31st largest charity in the United States



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