Standing before the Legislature

On November 17 our Executive Director, John deBlecourt, had the opportunity to address the West Virginia Joint Standing Committee on Finance during its monthly interim session.  The meeting was arranged by Philanthropy West Virginia, Inc. and the West Virginia Non-Profit Association (WVNPA) to provide an “Update on Nonprofits and Philanthropy in the State” and an “Overview of the Impact of the WV Neighborhood Investment Program”.  Since the enabling legislation for the Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP) credits will need to be re-authorized in the next session it is important to make sure that legislators understand the impact of this program.

Believe in West Virginia was an early member of the WVNPA.  According to their Mission “The WVNPA seeks to strengthen nonprofit organizations individually and the sector as a whole, catalyzing innovation, fostering a collective voice of its members, and increasing the reputation and influence of the nonprofit sector in West Virginia.”   Their Mission fits well with the Storehouse’s goal to help nonprofits more effectively serve those less fortunate in their community, and we have been happy to be part of this organization and its efforts.

When Philanthropy WV and WVNPA were putting together their presentation for the interim session, we were asked to be one of three organizations that would share our experience with the NIP credits.  In the few minutes we had to address this group of legislators we were able to share with them about the work of the Storehouse, explain to them how the NIP credits had allowed us to receive the product from Evans Lumber in 2012, and how we have been able to partner with Good360 to bring new and different product to serve those in need.

This opportunity has allowed us to form some new relationships and further the work of both Believe in WV and the Storehouse.  We may have the opportunity to share this message again during the new legislative session.


We are waiting to see if we will receive new NIP Credits.


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