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For more than 11 years, Storehouse West VirginiaTM has partnered with churches and 501 (c) (3) nonprofits organizations to improve communities throughout West Virginia. In June 2016, our state was devastated by catastrophic flooding in at least 12 counties, leaving hundreds with damaged and destroyed homes.

Immediate Needs

Storehouse West Virginia has a variety of products available to assist with the First Stage of flood recovery efforts, including

• Work gloves
• Respirator masks
• Tyvek Suits
• Paper goods (limited, more on the way)
• Cleaning products (limited, more on the way)

Your contribution will help us replenish our inventory and ensure items are available when needed. These products are available to any organization working in the flooded areas. 

While many of the immediate needs have been met, the crisis is far from over. Many of those affected by this tragedy do not have flood insurance coverage and may not receive enough financial support to replace what has been lost. As residents begin to rebuild their lives and homes, they will need more long-term assistance. Storehouse West Virginia needs your help to provide items for our neighbors and communities.

Building Products

Storehouse West Virginia maintains an inventory of many commonly used building supplies, including

• flooring
• kitchen cabinets
• bathroom vanities
• windows
• doors

These products are available to any nonprofit groups to be used in rebuilding organizational facilities and homes of those with whom they are working. We ask the non-profits to help cover our costs with a suggested donation when receiving products.

Long-Term Recovery

Once structures are repaired, flood victims will need assistance to replace items lost in the flood. Through our partnership with Good 360, Storehouse West Virginia has the opportunity to provide for these long-term needs. With your help, we can provide flood victims with many of these items. In order to ensure that the product will be available when required, by faith, we have ordered tractor trailer loads of furniture and a load of Tempur-Pedic mattresses. We are trusting that you will help us cover the cost for these and other needed items.

We would appreciate your help! Your contribution to our flood relief efforts will provide the funds to acquire additional desperately needed products from our partners.

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Helpful LInks

Storehouse West VirginiaTM has a variety of products available for organizations helping with flood relief.

These items are available to 501(c)(3) organizations and churches, many for free, some with a small processing fee. Contact us for more information.