Child Evangelism Fellowship


Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) is a worldwide, interdenominational Christian ministry to children. We focus on the “4-14 Window”: The ages that children have the most faith and are building the foundation to who they will be when they grow up.

The Need

Our children need the intervention of truth and character building. Listen to these statistics: Every 19 seconds a child is arrested. Every 20 seconds a public school student is corporally punished. Every 41 seconds a child is confirmed as abused or neglected. Every 4 minutes a child is arrested for a drug offense. Every 7 minutes a child is arrested for a violent crime. Every 45 minutes a child or teen dies from an accident. Every 3 hours a child or teen is killed by a firearm. Every 6 hours a child is killed by abuse or neglect. Every 5 hours a child or teen commits suicide.  

The Programs  

Good News Clubs are Bible clubs that are held where children naturally gather: at the school after classes are dismissed, day-care centers, Boys and Girls Clubs and community centers. 5-Day Clubs are very similar to Good News Clubs, however they meet for five days in a row during the summer months.  

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