Bob Burdette Center


The Bob Burdette Center (BBC) is an afterschool program that serves students in grades K-12 at four sites on the West Side of Charleston, WV.


The main site is located at Emmanuel Baptist Church. This site and one at Calvary Baptist Church serve students in grades K-5 who attend schools that operate on a tradition school calendar. Students in grades K-5 who attend a year-round school are served by the site located at West Charleston Baptist Church. Middle and high school students are served in the Tiskelwah Community Center.

The mission of the BBC is to provide a healthy environment that fosters holistic growth in students by supporting students' intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, social and moral development. The vision of the BBC is to inspire students to become successful global citizens in their personal lives and in their communities.

The Need

Research shows that 3–7 p.m. is the most critical time in a child’s day. Violent juvenile crime triples and the prime time for juvenile crime begins during these hours. 280 children are arrested for violent crimes every day. The hour following school dismissal is when millions of children are left unattended and alone. 

It is estimated that as of 2002, the number of out of school programs for school-age children will meet as little as 25% of the demand in some urban areas. 

Charleston is plagued with violent crime. Juvenile arrests in Charleston fluctuated between 151 and 174 between 2005 and 2007, with 104 juvenile arrests occurring during the first half of 2008. Many of the at-risk students that the Centers serve have already witnessed or encountered drug activity, shooting incidents, domestic violence, drug abuse alcohol abuse, and prostitution activity in or around their homes, neighborhoods, and community.

Some of the children have older brothers or sisters who are already involved in the juvenile court system for violent crimes or drug offenses. It is not unusual for one or more of the children’s extended family members to be currently or formerly incarcerated.

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