The Silver Ring Thing Team is coming back
to West Virginia this Fall. 

   Charleston - Emmanuel Baptist Church -

              Thursday, October 9, 2014.      Will you help?

“Silver Ring Thing is a powerful youth event that defies the norms of culture and inspires students to a pure life centered in Jesus Christ. It's a commitment to persevere; a call to be set apart.”   If you want to learn more or volunteer to help please contact us.  If you wish to help cover the cost for bring in the team and reaching out to area teens please use the link below to donate now. Learn More about the event here.

About Believe in West Virginia

Formed in 2002 as a faith-based non-profit group, the focus of Believe in West Virginia is to create economic opportunities by transforming the state's business culture. While pursuing this long-range objective we are working to address the immediate needs of the people of our state through four distinct programs.

The first is Storehouse West Virginia, a Gifts-in-Kind warehouse through which we serve the less fortunate.

The mission of the West Virginia Youth Encouragers Network is to educate and encourage the youth of West Virginia to make wise moral choices, and to support organizations that are changing young lives. Through this network we have been promoting the Silver Ring Thing, a sexual abstinence program directed toward teens.

Third, through our Legislative Updates we are keeping interested citizens updated on key issues being discussed during the West Virginia Legislative Session.

Our newest program, The Joseph Project, is marketplace ministry conceived to refocus on Jesus by organizing, and providing the catalyst for a community of Christians to stand strong for Christ in the marketplace.  Under the Joseph Project we invited Joe Gibbs to Charleston.



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